Valentina Mitzkat

“I believe music is an extension of emotion that we cannot express any other way.” -- Valentina

From the age of four, Valentina demonstrated a natural talent for music and the piano, playing on her grandmother’s piano.  At the age of 14, she discovered her passion for voice performance and developed that talent over the years into a phenomenal singer and songwriter, combining powerful lyrics and engaging melodies into a unique sound. 

Through the magic of social networking and the coaching of Stephen Gorman and SG23, she has developed a loyal fan base and had just singed her first record contract with a major recording company.  She brings the complete package to the music world: the voice, the look, the musicianship and the fan appeal.

Explore the music and videos here on this site to experience Valentina’s talent and power for yourself.

Park Circus

Madison, Lawrie, Fraser, Ross and Danny make up a dynamic and exciting musical group that has moved into the music scene with reckless abandon.  Combining different tastes in music and an eclectic style, Park Circus is not your average 'acoustic pop/rock' band.  They provide a unique sound but one that is easy on the ears to those who are hardest to please.  They combine full harmonies with a combination of male and female voices to provide a rich quality, but with the variety that will please a wide audience. 

Adding the fact that Madison and Lawrie are brother and sister adds additional depth to their lyrics and ‘something extra’ to their harmonies.  Various newspapers, magazines and radio stations have hailed them as 'quite possibly the saviour of 21st century pop music'. 

Recently, the bands single "I Know Better" hit number 3 in the HMV charts selling out some acts such as Linkin Park and Girls Aloud.  Recently named the NUMBER 1 'unsigned' artists on Myspace, they will not be ‘unsigned’ for long.  With the help of SG23, they are well on their way to a long and successful musical career. 

Explore the videos and recordings on this site to hear and experience Park Circus for yourself.