Stephen Gorman

President and Founder, SG23

Stephen Gorman founded SG23 on a simple premise:  guiding already gifted musical performers and groups to achieve major label record contracts and commercial success in the music industry.  Stephen brings his entrepreneurial passion to the music world, collaborating with a team of high-profile music producers and recording studios to provide the clients of SG23 with the very best career opportunities.

Stephen began with the discovery and successful launch of Valentina Mitzkat, an impressive young singer, musician and songwriter, recognizing in her a complete package of musical artistry and audience appeal.

John McLaughlin

Music Producer and Co-Founder, SG23

John McLaughlin is a highly successful songwriter/producer with 3 UK No.1 records and 17 Top Ten hits. He is also a BMI award winner for 1 million airplays worldwide for 5ive’s “When the Lights Go Out”, which was also top ten hit in the USA.  John brings his considerable talents to SG23, with both his considerable experience and his industry connections.

As a writer, producer and manager John has worked with and written for a wide range of established artists including Sandi Thom (no.1 ‘punk rocker’), Busted (No1 ‘you said no’, and ‘what I go to school for’), Westlife (No1 single Queen of my heart), Shane MacGowan, Lulu, Blue (no.3 single ‘You make me wanna), Liberty X, Echo & The Bunnymen (New album ’the fountain’),  Billie Piper, Mark Owen (Take That), 5ive, 911 (7 top ten singles).

John was the songwriting coach on the BBC’s Fame Academy for 2 years.

Mixing Room

The Mixing Room is the premier recording studio in Scotland.  Their state of the art recording technology and classic valve equipment give our artists unique sound and professional quality.  Our artists can produce albums of the highest caliber and make their talent truly shine.

Stephen Kempner

The music and entertainment business requires contractual agreements that will provide mutual benefit for everyone involved.  Stephen Kempner provides the legal expertise to our clients that will help them achieve success, with acumen in areas of commercial, contractual and intellectual property law. 

Stephen has over 20 years experience as a music and entertainment lawyer, with clients such as Scouting For Girls, Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong, Biffy Clyro, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, CSS, One Night Only and Kid British.  Stephen represents his clients with practical insight into the industry and proven results.  Legal 550 praised his “drive, passion and encyclopaedic industry knowledge.”