Talent Development

SG23 is committed your discovery and development as a musical performer or group.  Our team of coaches will guide and mold your unique musical “brand” by coaching you through:

  • Stage and vocal presence

  • Audience appeal

  • Image

  • Marketing and branding

  • The workings of the music industry

  • Networking and fan development

  • Management and representation

We recognize that you bring to the table a unique talent.  But by understanding how the industry works and how audiences respond to that talent will give you the edge over the thousands of other talented performers seeking record contracts.  We will assist you in honing your abilities to meet the needs of larger audiences and then help you connect with those audiences and with the record company executives who will have the ability to extend record deals and expanded audience exposure.

Music Publishing

As a songwriter, SG23 can help you navigate the music industry, publish your songs and get them into the hands of talented performers and record producers who can make your music come alive to larger audiences.  SG23 can handle copyright registration, promotion, marketing and distribution.  Even if you have just one song that could be a big hit, we will work with you to purchase the rights of the song and add it to our catalog.  Nothing is too big or too small.

Management Representation

As a separate service to our talent development services, SG23 provides professional management representation, handling your bookings, promotions, business deals, recording sessions and more.  We have the expertise to work with booking agents, tour managers, publicists and others to take your career forward.  

Note:  In a management role, helping with tours, gigs, and other standard management duties, SG23 will advise and counsel you with your career, but does not guarantee you will be signed to record contracts.